I’ve written a book!

Over that past years, I’ve spent time on trains writing about my musical travels. I realised that ‘Tales From the Rails’ now tell a story that starts from my very first open mic in the UK to performing on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury – a good moment to tie a proverbial bow around it and turn ‘Tales From the Rails’ into an actual book. I’ve revisited, edited and added footnotes to my favourite blog posts in order to tell my story of life as an independent artist.

Every single blog post has been lovingly illustrated by Berlin artist James Gardiner. He’s perfectly captured the magic and absurdity of my travels and I can’t wait for you to see them all.

You can order your signed copy of ‘Tales From the Rails’ now – it is an A5 soft copy book.

Here’s to many more tales to come in the future… for now, thank you for joining me on this ride so far.

Crowdfunding Goal

1. Signed copy of Tales From The Rails book

Order a signed copy of ‘Tales from the Rails’ (A5, soft cover). All prices include postage and packaging.

Where am I sending this to?

2. Signed Book + H&H CD

Order a signed copy of Tales From The Rails (soft cover, A5) and get a signed copy of Roxanne’s album ‘Heirlooms & Hearsay’ sent to you. The prices include postage and packaging

Price: £20.00

Where am I sending this to?