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“should be an essential part of anyone’s collection” 

“Clever, artful Folk-Pop” (M-Magazine)

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Roxanne de Bastion reminds us that great lyrics do have a place in pop music. With a nod to 1960’s psychedelia, Roxanne delivers thoughtful social and personal commentary soaked in piano & cello arrangements.

One of the most perfect voices I’ve ever heard”
(Tom Whalley, BBC6)

“Standout number…astonishingly assured”
The Sunday Times)

“If you ever get a chance to see her live – definitely do!”
(BBC Introducing)

Born in Berlin to a musical, bilingual family, she started composing and performing at the age of 15. Soon after, Roxanne moved to London, equipped with her guitar, her songs and a one-way ticket.
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Tales from the Rails

Tales from the Rails – Baby You Can Drive My Car and All The Other Beatles Puns

“What’s your business in the US?” “Where are you coming from?” “Where are you heading?” We had rolled up to the US border between New Brunswick and New England and my heart immediately started beating faster. The line of questioning was carried out in the usual harsh tone of voice. The more routine questions were …

Tales From The Rails – Oh Canada! Bright skies, Open Doors and the Amish

I’m drinking cappuccino in a coffee shop in Worcester Massachusetts. It’s 8pm and I’m thinking on time and how it could possibly be that there are only five shows left to this tour. For those of you who follow my writings, you may have noticed that there haven’t been any for quite some time. It’s …

Tales from the Rails – Cambridge Folk Festival & the Sea of Heads

Last Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of performing at Cambridge Folk Festival and I’m still floating on a cloud of fuzzy happiness. It had been one of those dates, seemingly forever in the future, until it was suddenly the night before as I was packing up my small assortment of guitar leads, the red …